Why I moved away from github

I bet in every language in the word there’s a phrase similar to that.

Opinions are like butt holes. Everyone has one, but nobody wants to hear about yours.

Anyway, that my blog, so that’s my butt-hole-opinion.

I don’t really hate Microsoft. I mean, I may speak dirty about them sometimes; but that’s my temperament, I don’t have anything against them. I’m using microsoft products since 1985. My first OS was MS-Dos 2.0, running on a Schneider PC with 640KB Ram and a 3.5″ 720K FDD. It was a beast! I was coding GW-Basic on my yellow-black CRT and I was enjoying my animations on the Hercules video card. Since then, I’ve seen and used almost every MS product. I enjoyed Windows 95, 98, NT, XP and Office 2003 a lot. Nowadays, I’m not using their products that much, except VS Code. Also Windows 10 seems to be OK’ish, but there are also many things that I don’t like in them. To me, it seems that when you need to do more advance things, then it’s like an NT-relic with a 2018 makeup. So, generally I have a meh opinion for them, but that’s all.

So, why I decided to leave GitHub? Well, firstly it was how it felt when I’ve read the headline. When I’ve read the news I was like “WTF? Why?” It left a bitter taste in the tip of my tongue. Usually, that’s enough for me to make logical decisions. But this time I said to my self, OK,  let’s analyze this a bit.

Therefore, I’ve asked my self.

Let’s say that this moment you decide to create your new repository and you have 3-4 options and one of them is Microsoft. Would you choose that?

Well, the answer for me is, No. No, I wouldn’t choose a Microsoft service. I don’t want to. I don’t like to add another Microsoft product/service to my life. Thanks.

Then, why also remain to GitHub?

Also, there are other things that are also important. Like the kind of information that will gain access. I don’t want Microsoft to trace what I do in my free time and which projects I wish to develop or contribute. I’m most certain that they will do data-mining in every data that they have available. It’s even worse for Microsoft employees, because now their employer will have access to that information.

Anyway, there are so many different butt holes around this story, that there’s not enough room for all. But for me personally, it was the first reaction when I’ve heard the news that mostly affect my decision and that was:

Oh, no! No more Microsoft in my life.

My repos are now located here:

3 thoughts on “Why I moved away from github”

  1. Hey, I’m back. I understand your point “Oh, no! No more Microsoft in my life.” and I agree on that, but on the other hand, about Micro$oft using GitHub’s data for data-mining, I really think it’s already being made; although I’m not a Microsoft’s fan (I work directly with open source and Linux community), they’ve been really active contributing for open source projects like Linux Kernel. Another point that I never really understood, but also never thought too much about, is the fact that GitHub is used by open source projects for open source solutions, but its platform isn’t open source at all… IMO it’s kind of counter intuitive and maybe a better reason to leave it, however business model is something hard to understand sometimes.

    Good luck with BitBucket 🙂

  2. Hey Bruno. I know they are very active with open stuff and as I’ve said I really enjoy using VS code on both Linux and windows, it’s my favourite text editor for bitbake and sometimes kernel.

    Regarding the mining I meant that for a Windows user that uses GitHub, it’s now very easy to track his IP and get all the details. Before that only GitHub had your IP.

    Thanks, the transition is made now and it was very easy as I already had an account there with some private repos.

  3. I think they may want to feed all this code to an AI machine which they want to teach to write code. This way millions of programmers experience will get into AI and eventually it will write better than humans.
    Another reason is access to the non-public (paid) Github projects source code ;-).
    M$ tries to fill the whole universe of niches/software-needs with their products so that every user never ever will need software from another vendor (sorry for my english). Until then, they’ll hide all knowledge about how the things work behind their API to make you depend on this api. Cloud apps are made to make you pay on monthly basis and never be able to stop paying until you use the app. E.t. we don’t sell you an app, we serve you…

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